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Personal Injury Articles And Real Estate Blog Posts of Interest

Articles and Blog Posts of Interest


Below are some of our most popular articles from our personal injury blog and our real estate blog. These posts answer the most commonly searched and asked questions about personal injury and real estate law. The articles are listed by title followed by a brief description. If you would like to read more about a specific topic, simply click the “Full Article On Our Blog” button below each description.


Walmart and Publix Don’t Like to Share

Having the surveillance video for the time and place you fell can drastically help your claim — but Walmart and Publix won’t give it to you without putting up a fight.

However, it is possible to obtain the footage from these popular businesses. 

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Carpet Excuse To Keep Your Security Deposit

Landlords come up with all kinds of excuses to keep your security deposit.

However, the most popular excuse relates to the cost of cleaning or replacing the carpet. 

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Bed Bugs

Yes, you can sue your landlord for your injuries related to bed bug bites.

However, be aware, going down this road can lead to an issue with your security deposit. 

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