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Duty to Keep Hotel Guests Safe

People stay at hotels for a variety of reasons, including vacation, business, relocation, and temporary housing.  In Florida, hotel property owners have a duty to make their property safe for their guests and patrons. Unfortunately, injuries occur at hotels and motels in a variety of ways, including slip and falls and security issues, and when an accident occurs because there is a condition that is unsafe, the property owner may face a hotel liability lawsuit.

Hotel Premises Liability Claims

Hotel liability lawsuits in Florida are generally brought under the legal theory known as premises liability. Premises liability means that a property owner has a duty to keep property safe from known dangerous conditions. Failure to maintain the property in a safe condition entitles the injured party to file a premises liability claim for negligence against the hotel or motel.  A premises liability claim is a type of personal injury claim, which means the injured party is able to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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Why Alan Sackrin?

Alan Sackrin is a Board Certified civil trial lawyer with over 38 years of experience pursuing personal injury cases. Over that time, Alan has filed over 750 lawsuits and has obtained over 100 jury verdicts. Alan has represented many local and out of state clients in all types of negligence related claims against hotels and motels throughout the State of Florida.

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Alan Can Help With Any of These 15 Common Hotel Injury Claims

Here is a list of 15 common hotel injury and accident issues which are the basis for most hotel related personal injury lawsuits, including:

  1. Slip and Falls in hotel and motel common elements, at the pool, health club, bath and shower, spa.
  2. Bed Bug Issues – hotels and motels have an obligation to their guests that their facilities are suitable for humans to occupy. Failure to inspect and safeguard hotel rooms against bed bugs is a breach of the warranty of habitability. Not only can guests be left with painful bed bug bites after a stay at an infested hotel they can also unintentionally bring these pests back home with them.
  3. Assaults – Negligent or Inadequate Security – failure to patrol or have video surveillance in parking lots, neighborhood crimes, stairwells, lobbies and hallways – Failure to protect guests from harm caused by other guests or non-guests, patrons and staff – guests are often seen by criminals as easy targets, unfamiliar with their surroundings, often carrying cash and valuables instead of leaving them back at the hotel room. It is the hotel’s responsibility to provide a safe environment, including well-lit parking garages and common areas as well as providing adequate security.
  4. Theft and Robbery – by staff, other guests and patrons
  5. Failure to meet ADA standards and compliance
  6. Identity Theft – credit card theft
  7. Fitness Center Maintenance Negligence – failure to post or inadequate posting of rules and regulations – faulty equipment
  8. Food IllnessesFood poisoning
  9. Cyber-Crimes
  10. Pool Security and Swimming Accidents – When swimming pools and their surrounding areas are not properly supervised or maintained those conditions may lead to incidents ranging from minor slip and fall injuries to more serious events such as drowning.
  11. Inadequate lighting
  12. Step & Stairway Accidents – Steps and stairways are often the scenes of many slip and fall accidents. It is the responsibility of the hotel to provide adequate lighting in stairways and prevent an incident by properly maintaining these areas, especially during inclement weather.
  13. Parking Lot and Garage Falls and Injuries 
  14. Elevator and Escalator injuries – Hotels have a duty to maintain the safety of their elevators and escalators. However, malfunctioning equipment and lapses in safety mechanisms occur frequently. Often leading to accidents involving clothing entanglements, elevator door malfunctions, falls from escalators/elevators, and inadequate safety measures.
  15. BURNS – Jacuzzis, bathrooms, and kitchenettes can be the cause of severe burns to hotel guests. Hotels can easily prevent these types of injuries by monitoring their hot water thermostats.

Representing clients who have injured in hotels and motels throughout South Florida, including the Diplomat in Hollywood, The Loews on Miami Beach, and the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, and many other hotels and motels in the tri-county area.



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