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    Firm Articles & Guides:

    We have created new content related to areas of the law that we assist our clients with. We encourage our clients and visitors to utilize these resources if they are seeking information about:

    --- Slip and Fall


    --- Florida Probate Law

    Find information about probate litigation, probate administration, hiring a probate lawyer and probate articles.

    --- Partition Lawsuits

    A partition action is where parties sue one another to split jointly owned property.

    --- Real Estate Disputes

    Realtor fraud and misrepresentation claims and breach of real estate contract lawsuits.

    --- How Can A Broward County Injury Claim Lawyer Help You?

    Lost Wages and knowledge related to how insurance carriers process claims and the tactics they will use.

    --- Dog Bite Claims

    Florida has strict liability for dog bites, meaning the owner is responsible without proving negligence.

    --- Negligent Security

    Property owners, including landlords, are required to provide a safe environment for visitors and guests.

    --- What Happens if you Die in Florida Without a Will?

    Having a Last Will and Testament is very important...

    --- How to Remove a Deceased Person’s Name from a Deed

    Removing the name of a deceased person from a deed to property is a commonly asked question

    --- Florida Injury Laws

    Florida Statutes related to personal injury, accidents, negligence...

    --- Injury and Accident Blog

    Discussions and articles regarding personal injury topics including car accidents, food poisoning, slander...


    Sample Lawsuits and Court Papers:

    Probate pleadings and court papers

    Foreclosure pleadings and court papers

    Slip and fall pleadings and court papers

    Personal injury pleadings and court papers

    Sample Partition Lawsuit


    Featured Areas of Law:

    We are devoted to helping and our clients with both personal injury and money related matters including:

    --- Car Accidents

    If you have been injured in a car accident in Broward County or anywhere in South Florida, you need an auto accident attorney who will vigorously pursue your rights.

        More on car accidents:


    --- Defamation - Libel & Slander

    Find the elements needed to prove a libel and slander claim in Florida. Statements made online, at condo & HOA meetings and more.

    --- Negligent Security

    In Florida, there is a special place in the law that provides help to people who have been hurt at a public or commercial place...

    --- Appeals (Civil Matters)

    An appeal is a proceeding to review a judgment or order of a lower court based upon the record made before the lower court...

    --- Foreclosure Defense

    If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure it is important that you not walk away and allow the bank to foreclose on your home.

    --- Deficiency Judgment Advice

    A deficiency judgment is a judgment ordered by the court granting a bank the authority to collect the amount of money that is still owed by the borrower on a mortgage after the property is sold at a foreclosure auction.

    --- Bed Bug Claims

    Just like any other personal injury claims, bedbug bites at Hotels can lead to recovery of damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress.


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