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Brooke Hogan

Press Release


Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A., a South Florida-area law firm, announces that it has filed a defamation lawsuit on behalf of its client, Alexis “Lexi” Williams, against former reality TV star and singer Brooke Ellen Bollea a/k/a Brooke Hogan. The lawsuit, filed in the seventeenth judicial circuit court in and for Broward County, Florida, arises from several posts Brooke published to her public to her social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram in April, 2015, falsely accusing Ms. Williams of being involved in dog fighting. The style of the case is: Alexis “Lexi” Williams v. Brooke Ellen Bollea a/k/a Brooke Hogan, Case No. CACE-15-016171 (25).

Ms. Williams is a medical lab employee and veteran of the United States Army who has loved animals all her life. She has never met Brooke, yet as a result of Brooke’s malicious actions she has been continuously subjected to death threats, both in person and over the internet, and ridicule, humiliation, shame and mental anguish, a diminished quality of life, and an incalculable loss in her capacity to earn a living.

While the Complaint in this case was filed in September, 2015, service of process has not yet been perfected on Brooke, due to Brooke’s intentional efforts to evade service and avoid being held responsible for her actions.

Brooke is originally from Clearwater, FL, but now resides in Nashville, TN, with her boyfriend, former Vanderbilt University baseball player Jack Armstrong. The pair can be seen together in dozens of Brooke’s public social media posts, yet on more than one occasion Mr. Armstrong informed process servers that he did not know of Brooke, and then later that he did, but she is “not his girlfriend” and “did not live there,” despite her having been seen coming to and from the house, and peeking out the window while service was attempted.

Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A., attempted to arrange service in private with Brooke’s agents and managers, but received no response after initial contact was made. However, after details of the lawsuit were relayed to her management team, the posts in question were deleted from Brooke’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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