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Contrary to popular belief, the terms “corporate law” and “business law” are not interchangeable. Instead, corporate law is just one division of the broader companies/ business law, which governs the actions of the various types of business associations (e.g. corporations, partnerships, professional associations, etc.).

The law of companies/ businesses varies from state to state, perhaps more so than other bodies of law. For example, some forms of business associations (e.g. limited liability companies, etc.) are not recognized in all states. Because Florida is home to so many retirees, the practice of companies/ business law is not as common here as it is elsewhere, such as in Delaware. Nonetheless, those who own or are employed in, businesses/ corporations – including sole proprietorships (e.g. where a company is owned/ operated by one person, and there is no legal distinction between that person and his company) – should keep abreast of the changes in the law to ensure their economic viability.

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