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Are Personal Injury Lawyers Free?

Personal injury lawyers are not free. They typically charge a fee for their services, which is often based on a percentage of the compensation awarded to the client (normally, 331/3%). This is otherwise known as working on a contingency basis, which means that the...

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Is An Attorney’s Agreement To Refund Fees Improper?

According to Florida case law, an attorney's agreement to refund fees with costs in the event the attorney does not win the case is improper: Stripped to the bone, the complaint is that accused (the lawyer) neglected to file his brief and thereby suffered the appeal...

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What is the risk-utility test under Florida law?

According to Florida law, under the "risk-utility theory," a product is defectively designed if the plaintiff proves that the design of the product proximately caused the plaintiff's injuries and the defendant fails to prove that, on balance, the benefits of the...

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What Is A Consumer Product?

According to Federal Statute, regulation and case law, a consumer product is defined as "any article, or component part thereof, produced or distributed (i) for sale to a consumer for use in or around a permanent or temporary household or residence, a school, in...

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What Are The Product Liability Safety Standards?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is the regulatory agency formed under the provisions of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Act (the "Act" - 15 U.S.C. 2051), there are currently more than 37 safety standards under the Act related to consumer...

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