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Florida Court Case Search

How to Do a Florida Court Case Search

Conducting a case search or looking for court records in Florida is very simple. That’s because, Florida Statute 119.01 (1), states that “all state, county, and municipal records” must be made accessible to the public.

To start, you need to identify where the case is taking place, where it took place, or where the paperwork was filed. Below, you’ll find links to all Florida County court record/case search engines in alphabetical order. Once you navigate to the county and their search site, then you will most likely need to agree to a waiver before continuing.

Some county search engines will give you the option for different access. The main types of access are public/anonymous, attorney, registered user, and party access.

When conducting a search, there are several options to choose among. You can choose to search by Name, Business, Party Name, Local Case Number, State Case Number, or even by Hearing. Other necessary information may include a document type, date range, party type, and court type. Using one or many of these options, fill in as much information as possible; the more specific you are, the better.

Once you have filled in your search criteria, a number of possible cases will be displayed. Simply find the case you are looking for and click on it. From there, you should now be able to see information regarding the case. This information can include party names, attorneys, case statues, and the docket.

Here are the links to the Case Search/Court Record search engine for all Florida Counties:


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