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According to the case law as of the date of this article, a deed without the names of the grantees is void:

“There is no question that under the law the deed which did not contain the names of the grantees was void. 16 Am. Jur., page 483, Section 79; 6 Thompson on Real Property, p. *30 318, Section 3163, and cases therein cited; also Annotations, 32 A.L.R. 737; Annotations, 75 A.L.R. 1108, and cases therein cited.”

Hence Gilleland (the buyer) neither received the legal nor the equitable title, even though the entire purchase price had been paid and received.

This is true, even where the sellers delivered to the buyer a warranty deed describing the real estate being conveyed and the buyer paid the Sellers the balance of the purchase price.

See: Simpson v. Hirshberg, 159 Fla. 25, 30 So.2d 912 (1947)


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