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Publishing a notice to creditors in summary administration can bar creditor claims when the creditor fails to file a claim within three months after the time of first publication or 30 days of receiving the notice directly. Additionally, publication reduces the amount of time a creditor can file a claim from two years to three months or less.

(1) Any person who has obtained an order of summary administration may publish a notice to creditors according to the relevant requirements of s. 733.2121, notifying all persons having claims or demands against the estate of the decedent that an order of summary administration has been entered by the court. The notice shall specify the total value of the estate and the names and addresses of those to whom it has been assigned by the order.
(2) If proof of publication of the notice is filed with the court, all claims and demands of creditors against the estate of the decedent who are not known or are not reasonably ascertainable shall be forever barred unless the claims and demands are filed with the court within 3 months after the first publication of the notice.

See: Florida Statute 735.2063. Notice to creditors




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