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Broward County Injury Claim Lawyer

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When should you have a lawyer to help you with your injury claim?

We all know that when you are hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you have an injury claim against that party (in legal jargon, the “tortfeasor”). That “injury claim” is a legal demand, normally made by a lawyer, that asks the party responsible for your losses to pay for your damages.

For example, in a car crash, your injury claim will be against the driver at fault. Someone hurt in a slip and fall at work may have an injury claim against their employer.

Things like medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property losses, and more may be the financial responsibility of the person whose negligence cause the incident.

Worried About Money? Lost Wages is a Big Concern After An Injury

One of the first triggers for many injury victims that spurs them to investigate their injury claim is the fact that they are unable to work and they are facing unpaid bills, mortgages, car payments, and more. Unfortunately, employers are not required to pay an employee a paycheck when they’ve been hurt and they miss work (unless it’s an on the job workers’ compensation case). How can an injury victim get money to meet the monthly expenses?

Lost Wages” are a type of injury claim that you can demand from the person responsible for your injury. Lost wages can consist of hourly wages and/or salary, gratuities received like meals and/or tips, and bonuses.  Additionally, lost wage claims  are normally determined by documented personal financial income records at the time of and before the accident, which may be a problem for some self-employed workers.  We wrote an in depth article about injury related lost wage claims in Florida because of the many moving parts associated with this type of injury claim.  Some lucky employees are able to find relief for their lost wages because they purchased a disability policy or their employer provides disability coverage to help cover their lost wages to help pay their family’s bills.

But does your wage claim and other injury claims require a lawyer — or can you handle things yourself?

Lawyers are needed by victims and their families after most injuries where someone has been hurt because of the actions (or failures to act) of another. They may be needed to help determine if there is a legal basis for an injury claim — in some circumstances, it’s not always clear if there was negligence, or who is responsible for what happened (i.e., who gets that injury claim demand for damages).

Sure, minor claims can be handled without getting an attorney involved. A slip and fall walking into a store when it’s raining and there’s no floor mat, it’s pretty easy to figure out who’s at fault. There’s no law that makes you hire an injury attorney to help you with a claim, particularly if you feel that your claim can be resolved without going to court and filing a lawsuit.

However, given the unequal bargaining position of the injury victim versus the insurance company (and its adjusters, researchers, investigators, lawyers, on-command experts, etc.), most injury claims are better served when the victim has their own experienced advocate by their side.

It helps to level the playing field during settlement negotiations. Also, it lets the other side know that you’re prepared to fight your claim with a formal lawsuit if need be.

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What Can an Injury Claim Lawyer Do For You?

Here in South Florida, injury claims are made all the time because our climate, culture, and community offer all sorts of situations where someone can get hurt. We reside near the ocean, for instance, which means that hotels, bars, restaurants, condominiums, etc., must all take special care against slippery sidewalks and walkways. Humidity means that wooden decks and other structures must be carefully monitored and maintained against rot, mildew, and mold. Our festive environment means that drivers may feel the need to speed or be less careful on the roads than they should be, and the temptation to drive while under the influence or with distractions means that we have traffic accidents and car wrecks here on a daily basis.

Injury claims result from accidents in Broward County and all of South Florida all the time. Experienced Broward County injury lawyers will have practical knowledge not only of the area and the conditions where most injuries occur, but they usually will have an awareness of how each insurance carrier proceeds in processing claims and the tactics they will use to try and settle the claim fast and for as little money as possible.
Remember, the insurance carrier’s goal is a quick settlement where the company pays as little as possible. Having an injury claim lawyer on your side of the settlement table can help you negotiate from a position of strength.
If you think that an injury lawyer may be helpful in your situation to resolve your claims, then please feel free to contact our office for a free initial consultation.

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