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Car Accident Insurance Claims

40+ Years of Helping People Get Their Car Accident Insurance Claims Paid

Car insurance companies are in the business of protecting their customers from financial loss should their insured be involved in a car accident that causes serious personal injury and/or major property damage.  Particularly after a car accident, it is very difficult to deal with an insurance carrier and get a fair resolution of a claim even when the insured is to blame for the accident.

Alan Sackrin, a Broward County car accident trial attorney, has dealt with insurance companies for over 40 years and is accustomed to their tactics, like:

1. Lowball Settlement Offers

When there has been a car accident, automobile insurance carriers are known to make lowball offers to victims, especially when the accident involves a rear-end accident, the victim is representing themselves, the victim has a pre-existing injury, the injury relates to a disc herniation or where the victim has not been completely truthful.

2. Denied Claims

Often with car accident claims, the insurance company will deny that its policy covers the accident because liability is in dispute or the victim waited to seek medical attention. Waiting to seek medical care, allows the insurance company to question if a person’s injuries are a result of the accident.

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How Do Car Insurance Companies Respond To Claims?

Insurance companies in Florida, as well as the rest of the United States, are created to make a profit; their efforts are focused on their bottom line, and keeping the amount of money paid each year in claims as low as possible. After all, in years where insurance carriers have been hit with large numbers of claims, they risk going out of business.

This causes insurance companies to train their agents and adjusters on how to deal with the large number of claims they receive on a daily basis. Their goal is always to keep the company management and ultimately their company shareholders happy: which is in conflict with providing compensation for injury victims. Sometimes, they may even go over the line so far that they are guilty of insurance bad faith.

All too often after a serious accident or car crash, insurance company adjusters appear on the scene and are on the job, aggressively attempting to resolve claims quickly – particularly if there has been a tragic fatality. Fast settlements of serious injury accidents and wrongful death claims are seldom in the injury victim’s best interests.

Alan’s Tip: Insurance employees, no matter how friendly and nice, are not looking out for the injured person’s best interests: please be aware of this at all times (are you being recorded?). This is especially true after the 2012 PIP Reforms, where Insurance Company Fraud Specialists are allowed to put you under oath and interrogate you (and it’s up to you to get a lawyer to be present during questioning here).

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What Are The Different Types of Florida Car Accident Insurance Coverage?

Many car accident victims will only deal with their own insurance company after a car accident. That’s because Florida is a no-fault state. Meaning, your own insurance policy, under your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, will pay for your damages up to a maximum of $10,000.00. 

PIP Insurance in Florida – Reforms Passed After Widespread Car Accident Fraud

The Florida Legislature changed Florida’s car accident insurance laws because of the number of fraudulent (staged) car accidents.  To stop this wrongdoing, the Florida PIP Insurance requirements were changed by Florida lawmakers.

PIP Reforms mean that in the State of Florida:

  • There is a fourteen (14) day deadline to get medical care and see a doctor after an accident;
  • Only approved healthcare providers will be covered by PIP insurance;
  • PIP-approved health care coverage is limited to an “emergency medical condition”;
  • Some healthcare providers are no longer covered by PIP insurance coverage (e.g., acupuncturists).
  • While claimants can be put under oath and questioned by a Fraud Specialist, PIP Reform does not provide that these claimants get a lawyer to protect their rights during this questioning of their medical care.

Medical Payments Related to Car Accidents: What is Med Pay?

In Florida, “Med Pay” is a separate coverage that you can purchase to cover 100% of any medical bills and some lost wages.  Med Pay covers things not paid for by PIP insurance or health insurance policies, and it generally pays without consideration as to who was at fault.

What is Bodily Injury (BI) Insurance?

If you are the at-fault driver, bodily injury (BI) coverage pays a victim (the other driver, pedestrian or passenger) for their medical expenses and lost income as a result of their injuries. It also can pay for your legal defense.

Bodily injury liability coverage is subject to a limit, which is the maximum amount your car insurance policy will pay toward a claim. Bodily injury liability coverage normally has two sets of limits: a per-person limit and a per-accident limit.

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Quick Florida Car Accident Facts:

According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, for example, in 2009 statewide there were 20,085 alcohol related traffic accidents resulting in 1,004 deaths and 14,130 injuries. Additionally, damages from auto crashes total $150 billion annually because compensation for a car accident, in most cases, includes recovery of medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and lost earning potential, pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of consortium and emotional distress. 


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Since 1982, Alan Sackrin has represented clients throughout Florida in recovering monetary damages for car accident injuries. Alan is a Board Certified Civil Trial Expert that strives to maximize the amount of compensation his clients’ receive for their car accident insurance claim.  Alan brings a high-level of skill, experience and knowledge to his client’s car accident cases and he offers a free initial consultation.

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