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6 Dec 2016

Alan’s Video: How do I prove that a driver was distracted?



22 Nov 2016

Alan’s Video: Can you collect damages in a car accident if you have no permanent injury?


17 Nov 2016

Alan’s Blog Post: Florida Car Accident Compensation Law


15 Nov 2016

Alan’s Video: How does waiting to see a doctor impact your Florida car accident claim?


4 Oct 2016

Alan’s Video: What kind of damages can I receive if my parent dies in a car accident?


20 Sept 2016

Alan’s Video: How do you prove your back injuries if you were in a rear end car accident in Florida?


9 Sept 2016

Alan’s Video: Why is it so difficult to get a car accident settlement from a car insurance company?


 25 Aug 2016 

Alan’s Blog Post: Backing Car Accidents in Florida


 23 Aug 2016 

Alan’s Video:  What happens when the person who caused the accident leaves the scene?


16 Aug 2016 

Alan’s Video:  Why is it hard to get a settlement in a rear end car accident claim?


28 July 2016 

Alan’s Blog Post: How Do You Know If A Driver Acted Reasonably In Trying To Prevent a Pedestrian Accident?


30 June 2016 

Alan’s Blog Post: How Do You Know If A Driver Acted Reasonably In Trying To Prevent a Loss of Control Car Accident?


9 June 2016 

Alan’s Video: Can I file a police report after an accident?


2 June 2016 

Alan’s Video: What does your insurance company have to do once you tell them you were in a car accident?


26 May 2016 

Alan’s Blog Post: How Do You Know If A Driver Acted Reasonably In Trying To Avoid A Rear End Car Accident? 


 28 Apr 2016

Alan’s Video: What if I was partly at fault for the Florida accident because I was walking outside of a crosswalk or running across the street?


14 Apr 2016

Alan’s Video: How does talking on a cellphone or texting while driving affect a car accident claim?


31 Mar 2016

Alan’s Video: What happens when the person who caused my car accident dies?


31 Mar 2016

Alan’s Blog Post: Rental Car Accidents: Liability of the Florida Rental Car Company


17 Mar 2016

Alan’s Video: How can you collect more car accident damages than the insurance policy limits?


18 Feb 2016

Alan’s Blog Post: 10 Tips On How To Prevent Loss of Control Acccidents On Florida Roads


5 Jan 2016

Alan’s Tweet: Pesonal Injury Lawyers Think Self-Driving Car Crashes Will Offer Big Payday


7 Oct 2015

Alan’s Video: What are the risks of taking a car accident claim to trial in Florida?


9 Nov 2015

Alan’s Tweet: 4 Tips to stay road safe this fall


10 Nov 2015

Alan’s Blog Post: 5 Steps Officials Are Taking To Reduce Dinking and Driving in South Florida.


3 Nov 2015

Alan’s Tweet:  Grand Jury Indictment: Couple Was Speeding, Arguing Before Deadly Crash.


2 Nov 2015

Alan’s Tweet:  Florida among the most hazardous state in the country for car accidents, boat, bicycle & pedestrian accidents.


25 Oct 2015

Alan’s Tweet:  The average cost of a bodily liability claim grew from $11.738 to $15,506, from 2005 to 2013, a jump of 3.21%


7  Oct 2015

Alan’s Video: What is the best accident claim advice that I can share?


16 Oct 2015

Alan’s Tweet:  Distracted Driving is Hurting Auto Insurers’ Bottom Line


13 Oct 2015

Alan’s Blog Post: Rear End Collisions in Florida Caused by Roadside Distractions 


28 Sep 2015

 Alan’s Tweet:  Distracted driving killed 3,154 people in 2013. Be safe, not a statistic.


8 Sep 2015

 Alan’s Blog Post: Rear End Collision in Florida: Chain Reactions – The Truck and The Three Cars