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Kids Hurt Everyday in Florida: Child Injury Claims for Children Seriously Hurt  and Injured

Child Injuries

Your child can be a newborn baby to a teenager on the eve of his or her 18th birthday: from birth till the legal age of adulthood, if they get hurt here in Florida, then State of Florida laws provide special protection for children in many ways, not the least of which is passing laws, rules, and regulations that work to protect kids and prevent children from being hurt or injured as part of their daily life as well as to provide ways to help kids hurt or killed here in Florida.  Who is a “child” in Florida? Here, a “minor” is defined in Florida Statutes as anyone under 18 years old.

Unfortunately, kids get hurt every day here in Florida:

  • Kids are hurt at school on the playground
  • Kids are hurt at school while playing school sports (football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track and field, and more)
  • Kids are hurt at daycare
  • Kids are hurt during vacation – at the hotel, in the rental car, on a tour or cruise
  • Kids are hurt while being babysat at home
  • Kids are hurt while playing with toys
  • Kids are hurt when taking medications
  • Kids are hurt in car accidents
  • Kids are hurt at summer camp
  • Kids are hurt while swimming in a pool
  • Kids are hurt while swimming in the ocean
  • Kids are hurt in water sports (water skiing, sailing, surfing, para-sailing, etc.)
  • Kids are hurt by abusive adults (teachers, coaches, camp counselors, daycare providers, nannies, family members, etc.)

Parents are Responsible for Filing Claims and Getting Medical Treatment for Minor Child Who Is Hurt

Once a child living in Florida turns 18 years old, then they are considered a legal adult under Florida Statute 1.01(13)(as of 2012). This means that they can now vote in an election, enter into binding contracts, live independently, get their own medical treatment, and file a lawsuit on their own behalf as a plaintiff.

Until that 18th birthday, no matter how savvy and smart the child may be, their parents will be responsible for insuring that they get the proper medical care after any injury or accident and their parents will also be responsible for working with a Florida personal injury lawyer and filing a claim or lawsuit based upon the child’s injuries in order to obtain legal damages and justice for the hurt the child has received.

Child Can Be Seriously Injured or Even Killed in Injury or Accident – And Florida Law Provides for Justice

It is sad but true that kids can suffer life-altering injuries in all sorts of ways, many of them fun and exciting activities that no one predicts will cause harm. An afternoon para-sailing can end in tragedy; a trip to the shopping mall or seafood restaurant can end in a fatal car crash; kids vacationing with their parents may get abused or hurt in a daycare facility or during a hotel stay.

According to the Centers for Disease Control:

  1. Injuries are the leading cause of death in children ages 19 and younger.
  2. Each year, nearly 9 million children aged 0 to 19 years are seen in emergency departments for injuries, and more than 9,000 children die as a result of being injured.
  3. Injury treatment is the leading cause of medical spending for children. The estimated annual cost of unintentional child injuries in the United States is nearly $11.5 billion.

Children can suffer Traumatic Brain Injuries that result in permanent brain damage; they can suffer Spinal Cord Injuries that can mean full or total paralysis for the rest of their lives; and there are kids who die each year from injuries they have sustained in some sort of accident.

Florida Law For Hurt Kids: Child Injury Claims and Lawsuits

Under Florida law, a child who has been injured has a legal right to be legally compensated for the damages sustained due to the negligence or intentional wrongdoing of another. These damages can be based upon a variety of Florida laws:

  • Negligence in a car crash
  • Assault (tort) in an abuse case
  • Premises Liability in an injury sustained on hotel premises, a school playground, at a mall or in a restaurant
  • Product Liability for harm resulting for a toy, sporting equipment (helmet, etc.), safety seat, etc., that functions improperly

Damages can be awarded for pain and suffering as well as long term medical expenses, and more. The extent of any money award will depend upon the specific circumstances of each case as well as its legal basis (negligence, strict liability, intentional tort).

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