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14 Apr 2015 

Alan’s Blog Post: 3 Examples of Florida Defamation Cases Where Plaintiffs Were Victorious


2 Feb 2015 

Alan’s Video: What type of damages can I recover in a defamation claim?


12 Nov 2015 

Alan’s Tweet: Rolling Stone Magazine Slapped With $25 Million #Defamation Lawsuit 


5 Nov 2015

Alan’s Tweet: Former NWA manager, Jerry Heller, now slapping Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, F. Gary Gray, others with a defamation lawsuit.


7 Oct 2015

Alan’s Video: What is Defamation Per Se?


7 Oct 2015

Alan’s Tweet:  In an unusual case, a man has been ordered to tweet details of his sentence for 30 days straight…


24 Sep 2015

Alan’s Blog Post:  Can You Collect Punitive Damages for Defamation of Character?




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