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What do you have to prove in a product liability case?

According to Florida case law, a product liability injury victim has the burden, whether their case is founded in negligence, breach of an implied warranty, or strict liability, of establishing that a defect was present in the product, that it caused the injuries...

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What is res ipsa loquitur in Florida?

According to Florida law, res ipsa loquitur is a rule of evidence that permits, but does not compel, an inference of negligence under certain circumstances: Res ipsa loquitur is a Latin phrase that translates “the thing speaks for itself.” Prosser and Keaton, Law of...

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Do All Car Accidents Need To Be Reported To The Police?

According to Florida law, all motor vehicle accidents that result in injury to, or death of any persons, or damage to any vehicle or other property with an apparent amount of at least $500 must be reported: The driver of a vehicle involved in a crash resulting in...

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What Does Product Liability Mean Under Florida Law?

According to Florida Law, statutory law, and case law, product liability means 1) a personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of a product and 2) a civil action based upon a theory of strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty, nuisance, or...

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What Happens If I Use My Car For Business Purposes?

Under Florida law, if you fail to disclose that your vehicle is being used for business purposes then your auto insurance carrier can deny coverage and rescind your policy for a material misrepresentation when you submitted your policy application. For example, in...

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