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Florida Actos Lawsuit

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Florida Actos Lawsuit

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As you may know, the diabetes drug Actos, ActoPlus Met, ActoPlus Met XR, or Duetact have been linked to bladder cancer and other serious side effects.  Currently, the drug maker Takeda Pharmaceutical and Eli Lilly & Co. are being accussed of misleading regulators about risks associated with the drug, downplaying concerns about the drug’s cancer causing potential, and failing to provide specific warnings with its diabetes drug until 2011 (even though bladder cancer risks were clear 7 years earlier).

The FDA advises Actos users to contact their doctors immediately if they develop any of the following bladder cancer symptoms:

  • Back or lower abdominal pain
  • Blood in the urine
  • Red-tinted urine
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Pain during urination

If you have taken Actos and believe you were harmed as a result, you, or your loved ones, may have the right to file a lawsuit to cover the cost of medical expenses, recover lost income, loss of consortium, funeral bills, and compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the adverse effects of the drug. However, please note, if you intend to exercise your rights you should do so within 5 years of using Actos in order to avoid statute of limitation issues.

Additional serious side effects associated with Actos use include:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Liver Damage
  • Blindness
  • Bone Fractures
  • Kidney Damage

Update April 7, 2014: Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and Eli Lilly & Co. were ordered to pay a combined $9 billion in punitive damages after a federal court jury found they hid the cancer risks of their Actos diabetes medicine. Read more here.

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