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The latest collection of information on the web relating to Florida foreclosures

At our office these days, we spend most of our time immersed in the foreclosure mess.  We have created this web page to help clients and ourselves keep track of what’s going on in the world of foreclosures, including foreclosure defense. While the news sources referenced here are by no means a substitute for the advice of a licensed Florida attorney, they will nonetheless keep you aware of any developments regarding foreclosure law and the latest news related to Florida foreclosures.


HAMP Lawsuits – Loan Modification Lawsuit: Borrowers Sue Banks for Failing to Do the Right Thing With Trial Period Plan Loan Modifications – Lenders Fail To Follow HAMP Requirements or Honor deals they offer Borrowers

Florida Mortgage Loan Modifications Denials and Modification Appeals: Submission and Re-Submitting of Loan Documents To Get Your Deal Done

Florida Bank Reject Your Loan Modification? It Seems to be Happening to Lots of South Florida Homeowners: What’s Up? Home Owners Are Suing Banks for Failed Modifications

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