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Hallandale Beach Car Accident Statistics-October-16

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Hallandale Beach Car Accident Crash Data

October Highlights:

1. 1400 E Hallandale Beach Blvd (Publix area) – 2 accidents     
2. 2551 E Hallandale Beach Blvd (Walmart area) – 3 accidents
3. US-1 near SE 3rd St – (Universal Title area) – 2 accidents
4. US-1 at E Hallandale Beach Blvd – (Flanigans area) – 2 accidents
5. Hallandale Beach Blvd at NE 8th Av (Sage Plaza area) – 2 accidents

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Below is a summary and the raw data of the October 2016 statistics for car accidents that occurred in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The raw data includes the location for each accident and the number of injuries. This information has been compiled using public governmental agency data including from the Department of Transportation for the State of Florida’s Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.



59 Total Crashes123 Total Vehicles Involved
Injury Details:
21 Crashes with Injuries*34 Total Injuries
21 Injury Crashes**
21 Driver Injuries
2 Crashes with  Incapacitating Injuries2 Total Incapacitating Injuries
8 Crashes with Non-incapacitating Injuries11 Total Non-incapacitating Injuries
14 Crashes with Possible Injuries21 Total Possible Injuries
*Crashes with Injuries are all crashes with at least one reported injury, and including those where a fatality was reported.
**Injury Crashes are any crash in which there was at least one reported injury, and excluding those where a fatality was reported.
Fatality Details:
0Crashes with Traffic Fatalities0Total Traffic Fatalities


Raw Data:

Date, Time And Locations of Hallandale Beach Florida Car Accidents In October 2016:

Date of CrashLocationInjured CountFatalities Count
10/1/2016 15:204TH AV SW near W HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD00
10/4/2016 1:468TH AV NW near FOSTER RD00
10/4/2016 8:15PEMBROKE RD at NW 7TH AV NW00
10/4/2016 10:013RD ST NW at NW 1ST AVE NW00
10/5/2016 8:50PEMBROKE RD near NW 3RD AV NW00
10/5/2016 16:40PEMBROKE RD near NW 10TH AVE NW00
10/5/2016 20:05PEMBROKE RD near INTERSTATE 95 I 9510
10/7/2016 12:40VIA DE LA FORTUNA near SILKS RUN BLVD00
10/8/2016 13:40PEMBROKE ROAD at NE 3RD AV NE10
10/8/2016 13:51FEDERAL HWY near E PEMBROKE RD10
10/10/2016 3:40FEDERAL HWY near SE 9TH ST SE10
10/10/2016 17:40OLD FEDERAL HWY near SE 3RD ST SE00
10/10/2016 19:50FEDERAL HWY near SE 3RD ST SE20
10/11/2016 8:50DIXIE HWY at NW 3RD ST NW40
10/12/2016 13:10HALLANDALE BEACH near NE 1ST AV NE00
10/12/2016 13:25HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD near NE 1ST AV NE00
10/13/2016 17:30HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD at SW 2ND AVE SW00
10/13/2016 17:40FEDERAL HWY near NE 4 CT NE00
10/13/2016 17:48HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD near NE 8 AVE NE10
10/16/2016 17:45ST ST NW at NW 5TH AV NW20
10/17/2016 7:55HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD near SW 8TH AV SW10
10/17/2016 13:308TH AVE NE at NE 3RD ST NE00
10/18/2016 5:373RD ST SE near S FEDERAL HWY10
10/18/2016 9:40HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD at NW 2ND AV NW10
10/18/2016 16:44HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD near NW 10TH TER NW00
10/18/2016 18:20HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD at NE 8TH AV NE00
10/19/2016 14:59HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD near SW 9TH TER SW00
10/19/2016 19:2016TH AV SE at CHURCH ST00
10/20/2016 13:389TH ST SW at SW 7TH AV SW00
10/20/2016 17:32FEDERAL HWY at SE 5TH ST SE00
10/21/2016 5:25PEMBROKE RD at NW 8TH AV NW00
10/21/2016 6:40PEMBROKE RD at DIXIE HWY10
10/23/2016 14:23HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD at NW 10 TER NW00
10/26/2016 5:50FEDERAL HWY near NE 2ND ST NE10
10/27/2016 14:55HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD near NE 10TH AV NE20
10/27/2016 17:27HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD at SW 6TH AV SW20
10/27/2016 19:06LAYNE BLVD near TAMARIND DR00
10/28/2016 10:15FEDERAL HWY near SE 3RD ST SE10
10/28/2016 13:49PEMBROKE RD near N DIXIE HWY20
10/30/2016 12:449TH TER NW near W HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD00
10/31/2016 8:15ST NW at NW 2 AVE NW30
10/12/2016 12:151001 14TH AV NE 00
10/12/2016 19:50101 ANSIN BLVD 00
10/5/2016 15:001011 8TH AV NW 00
10/3/2016 9:451400 HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD 00
10/12/2016 11:151400 HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD 00
10/13/2016 12:151761 HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD 00
10/25/2016 12:001830 OCEAN DR 00
10/14/2016 16:002100 HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD 00
10/9/2016 19:282551 HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD 00
10/11/2016 12:022551 HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD 10
10/21/2016 16:232551 HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD 00
10/9/2016 10:33343 LESLIE DR 00
10/12/2016 8:00501 THREE ISLAND BLVD 00


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