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Florida Injury Laws

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Florida Injury Laws

Florida laws (statutory law) related to personal injury,
accidents, attrative nuisances and negligence

Accidents – Crash involving death or personal injuriesF.S. 316.027
Additur – Adding Damages to a Jury awardF.S. 768.74
Agents or Employees Liability in Hazardous OccupationsF.S. 769.01
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Dealers, Indemnity F.S. 686.41
Agriculture, limitation of Civil Liability, Persons Removing Produce or Crops Remaining in Fields Following Harvest     F.S. 768.137
Agritourism – liability of owner for injury or death
F.S. 570.963 
Alcoholic Beverages, Liability for injury or damage resulting from intoxicationF.S. 768.125
Alcoholics and Intoxicated Persons, Crisis Stabilization – negligence action for damages for personal injury or wrongful death
F.S. 394.9085
Alternative Methods of Payment For Damage AwardsF.S. 768.78
Animals, Representative of Deceased Motor Vehicle Operator Colliding with AnimalsF.S. 768.12
Arson – Unlawful throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging of destructive device or bomb that results in injury to another; penalty.F.S. 790.1615 
Asbestos, Claims, scope of liability; damagesF.S. 774.207
Benevolent Gestures – Statements expressing sympathy relating to the pain, suffering, or death of a person involved in an accident; shall be inadmissible as evidence in a civil actionF.S. 90.4026
Blood Tests – Blood test for impairment or intoxication in cases of death or serious bodily injury; right to use reasonable force.F.S. 316.1933
Bombs – Unlawful throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging of destructive device or bomb that results in injury to another; penalty.F.S. 790.1615
Brain Injuries – Charlie Mack Overstreet Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries ActF.S. 381.739
Business Establishment, Slip or Fall on foreign substances, Burden of ProofF.S. 768.0755
Charities, Food – Liability for canned or perishable food distributed free of chargeF.S. 768.136
Chemically Dependent Persons – Crisis Stabilization – negligence action for damages for personal injury or wrongful deathF.S. 394.9085
Clerks of Court, Negligence Settlements and Jury Verdicts, ReportsF.S. 25.077
Collateral Sources of IndemnityF.S. 768.76
Collision with Animal at Large on HighwayF.S. 768.12
Commercial Exploitation, Victims of Accidents – Protection of victims of crimes or accidents – Police Reports
F.S. 119.105
Common Carriers, Crimes and Offenses – Carelessness – LiabilityF.S. 860.02
Community Development Districts, Actions Against Districts – LimitationsF.S. 190.043
Comparative Fault, Apportionment of DamagesF.S. 768.81
Continuing Domestic Violence – compensatory and punitive damages
F.S. 768.35
Contribution, Joint Tortfeasors – negligence
F.S. 768.31
Contributory Negligence – Dog Bites – Dog owner’s liability for damages to persons bitten.
F.S. 767.04
Controlled Substances, Law Enforcement OfficersF.S. 893.13
Convenience Stores, Security Measures, Crimes and Offenses, Privileges and Immunities, PresumptionsF.S. 768.0705
Corporate Personnel, IndemnificationF.S. 607.0850
Corporations, LiabilityF.S. 768.08
Crimes and Offenses – RestitutionF.S. 960.29
Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, Removal from OfficeF.S. 943.11
Culpable NegligenceF.S. 784.05
Damages, Remittitur or AdditurF.S. 768.043
Dangerous DogsF.S. 767.10
Death, Wrongful DeathF.S. 768.16
Demand for JudgmentF.S. 768.79
Design, Personal Property, Limitation of Actions for Injury Founded on DesignF.S. 95.11
Dietetics and Nutrition Practice, DisciplineF.S. 468.518
Disclosure of Victims Identity, Commercial ExploitationF.S. 119.105
Distribution, Personal Property, Limitation of Actions for Injuries Founded on DistributionF.S. 95.11
Documents of Title, Title and RightsF.S. 677.502
Domestic ViolenceF.S. 768.35
Driver Improvement School, Mandatory AttendanceF.S. 322.0261
Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Blood TestF.S. 316.1933
Driving While License Suspended or RevokedF.S. 322.34
Drugs and Medicine, DefensesF.S. 768.36
Electrical and Alarm System Contractors, DamagesF.S. 768.0425
Elevators, Dumbwaiters and Escalators, Accident ReportsF.S. 399.125
Emergencies, Shelter Owners, Tort LiabilityF.S. 252.51
Emergency Medical Services, Presumptions, DispatchF.S. 768.1335
Emergency Medical Technicians, Course of EmploymentF.S. 112.1815
Emergency Medical Technicians, Death, Aggravated ManslaughterF.S. 782.07
Emergency Powers of Local Authorities, Riots and MobsF.S. 870.041
Employee Leasing, Privileges and ImmunitiesF.S. 768.098
Employee ScreeningF.S. 435.03
Enclosures, Animals, Damaging, Notice to Owner or OccupantF.S. 316.063
Engineers, LiabilityF.S. 471.023
Excusable HomicideF.S. 782.03
Exemption, Damages, Injury of Agent or Employee in Hazardous OccupationF.S. 769.05
Explosives, Throwing or DischargingF.S. 790.161
Farmers, Civil Liability, Persons Removing Produce or Crops Remaining in Fields Following HarvestF.S. 768.137
Fiduciaries, InvestmentsF.S. 518.11
Financial Responsibility, Suit for DamagesF.S. 324.161
Firefighters and Fire Departments, Death, Aggravated ManslaughterF.S. 782.07
Firefighters and Fire Departments, Occupational Safety and HealthF.S. 633.502
Food, GiftsF.S. 768.136
Foster CareF.S. 409.1671
Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Disciplinary ProceedingsF.S. 497.152
Good Samaritan ActF.S. 768.13
Government Rules Defense, Products Liability, PresumptionsF.S. 768.1256
Guardian ad Litem, Compromise and Settlement, DamagesF.S. 744.3025
Gunshot Wounds, ReportF.S. 790.24
Hazardous Occupations, Employer LiabilityF.S. 769.01
Hazardous Spills, Good Samaritan ProtectionF.S. 768.128
Hazardous Waste, Defenses, Compliance with ActF.S. 403.727
Health Care Providers, NoticeF.S. 456.0575
Health Maintenance OrganizationsF.S. 641.28
Hearing Aids Specialists, Disciplinary ProceedingsF.S. 484.056
Highways and Roads, Gross Negligence, ContractorsF.S. 337.195
Holes, Leaving OpenF.S. 768.10
Homicide, Excusable HomicideF.S. 782.03
Homicide, Year and a Day Rule, AbrogationF.S. 782.035
Hoods, Wearing While Intending to Injure, Application of LawF.S. 876.155
Horses, Equine Activities, LiabilityF.S. 773.01
Horses, Equine Activities, LiabilityF.S. 773.03
Hotel Keeper, Loss of Property of Guest or TenantF.S. 509.111
Husband and Wife, Personal Injuries to Wife, JoinderF.S. 46.031
Hypnosis, Medical Care and TreatmentF.S. 485.001
Indictment and InformationF.S. 932.49
Information by DriverF.S. 316.062
Inheritance or Estate Taxes, Delinquent or Deficient Taxes, PenaltiesF.S. 198.18
Insurance Health Association Plan, ExpensesF.S. 627.6498
Insurance, Tort ReformF.S. 624.460
Joinder, Husband and WifeF.S. 46.031
Joint TortfeasorsF.S. 768.31
Judgments and Decrees, Reports, Negligence Settlements and Jury VerdictsF.S. 25.077
Labor and Employment, Negligent Hiring, PresumptionsF.S. 768.096
Law Enforcement Officers, Death, Aggravated ManslaughterF.S. 782.07
Liability, Injuries and Damage Resulting from Intoxication, Providers of Alcoholic BevF.S. 768.125
Liability, Providers of Alcoholic BeveragesF.S. 768.125
Livestock, Enclosures, Damaging, Notice to Owner or OccupantF.S. 316.063
Long Arm StatuteF.S. 48.193
Malpractice, Limitation of ActionsF.S. 95.11
Manufacture, Personal Property, Limitation of Actions for Injuries Founded on ManufF.S. 95.11
Masks, Wearing While Intending to Injure, Application of LawF.S. 876.155
Massage, Disciplinary ActionF.S. 480.046
Medical Examiners, Death, InvestigationsF.S. 406.11
Mentally Ill Persons, Forensic Clients, Abuse of RightsF.S. 916.107
Mentally Retarded & Developmentally Disabled Persons, Forensic Clients, AbuseF.S. 916.107
Military Forces, Phenoxy Herbicide Contact, Limitation of ActionsF.S. 95.11
Militia Member, Active ServiceF.S. 250.34
Mobs and Riots, Emergency Powers of Local AuthoritiesF.S. 870.041
Motor Sport Nonspectator Liability ReleaseF.S. 549.09
Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility, DeathF.S. 324.191
Mutual Aid and Law Enforcement, ImmunitiesF.S. 23.127
National Guard, Active ServiceF.S. 250.34
Negligent Hiring, PresumptionsF.S. 768.096
Wrongful Death – Beneficiaries & Estate Included in LawsuitF.S. 768.21
No Fault InsuranceF.S. 627.736
Notice, Health Care ProvidersF.S. 456.0575
Nursing Homes, Health or Safety of ResidentsF.S. 400.102
Nutrition Counseling, DisciplineF.S. 468.518
Offer of JudgmentF.S. 768.79
Outdoor Power Equipment, Distribution and Sales, IndemnityF.S. 686.609
Paramedics, Course of EmploymentF.S. 112.1815
Paramedics, Death, Aggravated ManslaughterF.S. 782.07
Paramilitary TrainingF.S. 790.29
Parties, Joinder, Children and MinorsF.S. 46.031
Periodic Payments, Future Economic LossF.S. 768.78
Personal Property, Injuries Founded on Design, Manufacturer, Distribution or SaleF.S. 95.11
Pest Control, Human Poisoning or Death, Notice RequirementsF.S. 482.152
Pest Control, License Suspension or RevocationF.S. 482.161
Pesticide Application, DamagesF.S. 487.159
Phenoxy Herbicide ContactF.S. 95.11
Phenoxy Herbicide Contact, Limitation of ActionsF.S. 95.11
Physicians and Surgeons, Immunity, Athletic Events, Volunteer School Team PhysiciansF.S. 768.135
Pilots, Ships and Shipping, License Suspension or RevocationF.S. 310.101
PitsF.S. 768.10
Pleading, DamagesF.S. 768.042
Police, Death, Aggravated ManslaughterF.S. 782.07
Police, Livestock, Enclosures, Damaging, Notice to Owner or OccupantF.S. 316.063
Private Investigative, Security and Repossession Services, DisciplineF.S. 493.6118
Process, ServiceF.S. 48.193
Psychologists, DisciplineF.S. 490.009
Public Disorders, Prevention, Emergency Powers of Local AuthoritiesF.S. 870.041
Public Officers and Employees, IndemnityF.S. 111.07
Punitive DamagesF.S. 768.72
Railroads, Employees, Liability for Negligent InjuriesF.S. 768.07
Real Estate Brokers and Sales Associates – Negligent Misrep – DisciplineF.S. 475.25
Records and Recordation, Disclosure of Victim, Commercial ExploitationF.S. 119.105
Refrigerators, Iceboxes – NuisanceF.S. 823.08
Release or Covenant Not to SueF.S. 768.041
Remedial Measures Taken After Injury, AdmissibilityF.S. 90.407
Remittitur – Reducing Jury Damage AwardF.S. 768.74
Reports, Clerks of Court, Negligence Settlements and Jury VerdictsF.S. 25.077
Repossession Services, DisciplineF.S. 493.6118
Restitution, Crime VictimsF.S. 775.089
Ridesharing, Employer LiabilityF.S. 768.091
Riots and Mobs, Emergency Powers of Local AuthoritiesF.S. 870.041
Road Accidents and Fatalities, Statistical StudiesF.S. 334.063
School Officers and Employees, Legal Services, Civil ActionsF.S. 1012.26
School Psychologists, DisciplineF.S. 490.009
Schools and School Districts, Health ServicesF.S. 381.0056
Seat BeltsF.S. 316.614
Self DefenseF.S. 776.085
Service of ProcessF.S. 48.193
Sheriffs, Death, Aggravated ManslaughterF.S. 782.07
Sheriffs, Workers Compensation, Course of EmploymentF.S. 440.091
Ships and Shipping, AttachmentF.S. 76.32
Ships and Shipping, ReportsF.S. 310.111
Slip or Fall, Business Premises, Burden of ProofF.S. 768.0755
Solicitation, Motor Vehicle Insurance ClaimsF.S. 817.234
Sovereign Immunity, WaiverF.S. 768.28
Spaceflight Businesses, Privileges and ImmunitiesF.S. 331.501
Spinal Cord InjuriesF.S. 381.739
State Loss Prevention ProgramsF.S. 284.50
State of the Art Defense, Products LiabilityF.S. 768.1257
Statement, Accidents, EvidenceF.S. 92.33
Statistical Studies, Road Accidents and FatalitiesF.S. 334.063
Statute of LimitationsF.S. 95.11
Streets and Alleys, StreetlightsF.S. 768.1382
Subsequent Remedial Measures, EvidenceF.S. 90.407
Surgical Care and Treatment, MalpracticeF.S. 95.11
Suspension or Revocation of LicenseF.S. 322.27
Swimming Pools, Fencing RegulationsF.S. 125.01
Sympathetic Statements, EvidenceF.S. 90.4026
Trespass, Privileges and ImmunitiesF.S. 768.075
Uniform Contribution Among Tortfeasors ActF.S. 768.31
Vehicular HomicideF.S. 782.071
Verdict, ItemizedF.S. 768.77
Vessels, AttachmentF.S. 76.32
Warehouse Receipts, Damage to Goods, Burden of ProofF.S. 677.403
Washers and Dryers, Abandonment -NuisanceF.S. 823.08
Weapons, Access, Children and MinorsF.S. 784.05
Wife, Claims of Husband Joined in Action for InjuriesF.S. 46.031
Work Zone AreasF.S. 337.195
Workers CompensationF.S. 440.01
Wrongful DeathF.S. 768.16


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