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Lost or Misplaced Deed in Florida

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Lost or Misplaced Deeds

Do You Need Your Original Deed When You Sell Your Home or Refinance?

I am often asked by my clients if they need to provide me with their original deed when they sell or refinance their home.  Fortunately, they do not as often times the deed is either lost, misplaced or discarded.  In Florida, when real estate is purchased, the original Deed is recorded in the county recorders office for the county in which the property is located.  Once the Deed is recorded, it becomes a public record which, in all Florida Counties, is available for inspection via the interent. If the deed is lost or misplaced and the homeowner needs the original document, a property owner can simply request, from the County recorder, a certified copy of the document either in person, or by mail. A certified copy has the same legal signficance as the original document. 

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If requested by mail, the party requesting the document must enclose a check for applicable fees, payable to the County, and provide the book and page number where the document is located. If the book and page number where the document is located is unknown, then the County will charge an additional records search charge to find the Deed.

If you require help or have any questions about a deed or other recorded real estate documents, please feel free to contact Larry Tolchinsky.  He will be happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

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