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Condominium Estoppel

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Sample Condominium Estoppel


March 11, 20__

Mr. Samuel T.
xxx Condominium Apartments Building No. xx Inc.
Building #xx
xxxx N.E. 14th Street, Unit #xxx
Hallandale, Florida 33009


Seller: Vivien A.

Buyer: Arnold D. & Benedetta D.

Property Address:
xxxx N.E. 14th Street, Unit #xxx
Hallandale, Florida 33009

Dear Mr. T.:

Pursuant to Florida Statute 718.116(8), please furnish the following information signed by an officer or agent of the association stating all assessments and other moneys owed to the association by the present owner of the above unit, including the following:

1. With respect to maintenance, please advise:

A. How often is the maintenance payment due?
B. The present maintenance payments are $
C. The date owner last paid maintenance was
D. If there will be a change in the maintenance expected,

When will it be?
New Amount

E. Amount of penalty for late payment if any

2. If there are other payments required, such as recreation lease or insurance fund, please give the information here:

3. With respect to special assessments, please advise:

A. Are there any unpaid special assessments against the unit?         

If your answer was yes, please state:

1. The amount of the assessment $
2. The balance due on assessment $
3. Nature of assessment
4. When payments are due

B. Do you anticipate making a special assessment within the next 3 months or are there any major improvements planned?

If yes, please state the amount $                  and the nature.
4. If an interview is required with a prospective purchaser, please state the name and telephone number of the person to be contacted for an appointment.
5. Are there later amendments to the declaration not recorded in the public records? If so, please send me a copy.

6. Please provide the name and telephone number for the Condominium’s Insurance Carrier.

7. Is there any litigation threatened or pending in which the Condominium is named as a party? If so, please describe.

8. Is there anything else you want us to know?

Please sign below.

Dated this ___ day of __________________, 20XX,
xxxx Condominium Apartments Building No. xx Inc.                     


Print Name


Please forward this document to my office, via facsimile and U.S. Mail, upon completion.   Thank you for your anticipated prompt attention to this matter.

Very truly yours,


Larry S. Tolchinsky, Esq.


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Disclaimer: This is a sample Estoppel used for a specific condominium real estate closing and should not be used or relied upon for any real estate transaction. We recommend and urge you to consult with an experienced real estate lawyer for professional advice as each case is unique and the law is always changing. All rights reserved.