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Slip and Fall Client Questionnaire

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Slip, Trip and Fall Client Questionnaire

Below are the questions we ask when first meeting with a slip and fall client. One of the purposes of the initial consultation is to discuss the details of the client’s slip and fall by asking some basic questions about the accident. This meeting helps us to decide whether we should represent the client and, if so, evaluate the strength of their case. These questions we ask are based upon our years of experience in handling slip, trip and fall matters and are designed to discover the relevant facts of our client’s case.

Questions we ask include:

  1. What caused you to trip /slip and fall?
  2. Where exactly did the slip/ trip and fall occur?
  3. Had you ever been to the location of the slip/trip and fall before the incident?  If so, when?
  4. When did you realize what caused you to slip/trip and fall?
  5. Was anybody with you when you fell?  If so, who?
  6. Did anybody actually witness your fall? If so, who?
  7. Did anybody, including any employees of the business, come to assist you after the incident occurred? If so, who?
  8. Did you prepare or sign an incident report or did an employee prepare an accident report?
  9. Did you report the incident to anybody? If so, to whom and when?
  10. If it was a transitory or foreign substance on the floor that caused you to fall, what was that substance (i.e., water, banana peel)?
  11. Were you or anybody else able to determine how the substance got on the floor or from where the substance came?
  12. Was there any way to determine whether the substance was on the floor for more than 5 minutes? More than ten minutes?  
  13. Was there anything about the appearance of the substance on the floor leads you to believe that it was on the floor for a significant amount of time?  If so, what about the condition of the substance led you to this belief?
  14. Did you see the substance on the floor at any time prior to your fall? If so, when?
  15. Did you notice any caution or ‘wet floor” signs either before or after you fell?
  16. What was done by the business to correct the condition which caused you to fall? If so, where were they located?
  17. Did any of the employees of the business say anything about why or how the substance came to be on the floor?
  18. Do you know if the business had in store security surveillance which may have recorded the slip/trip and fall?
  19. Were any pictures taken by anybody after your fall which shows the condition which caused you to slip/trip and fall or showed your injuries?  If so, who took them and do you have them?
  20. Where were you looking for the five second period immediately prior to your slip/trip and fall?
  21. What shoes were you wearing at the time?  How old were they and what condition were they in? Do you still have those shoes?
  22. What type of floor were you walking on (i.e., tiles, marble, wood, etc.) at the time of the fall?
  23. If you didn’t see the substance on the floor at any time prior to your fall, why didn’t you notice it as you were approaching it?
  24. How did you leave the business?
  25. When did you first realize that you had sustained any injuries from the fall? What was the time between the fall and the time you first realized you were injured in a particular area-for each injury you are claiming?
  26. What injuries are you claiming resulted from the fall?
  27. Are you claiming that you lost time from work and/or that you lost the ability to work as a result of your fall and the injuries?
  28. What medical providers and facilities have treated you for the injuries you are claiming resulted from the fall?
  29. Did you have any health insurance in effect at the time of the fall?  Has that insurance company been paying for your bills?  How much are you out of pocket at this time for any expenses associated with your slip/trip and fall?
  30. What health issues do you have or have you had in the past-any condition even if not related to the injuries sustained?
  31. Have you ever had complaints of pain or discomfort and treatment to any areas of the body that you are claiming were injured in this accident?  If so, please explain in detail including whether you were still having problems with those areas of the body shortly before the incident?
  32. Have you ever made a claim for personal injuries or for workers compensation? If so, please explain in detail-provide dates of incidents, injuries and amount of recovery in addition to the name of the lawyer and the entity against whom the claim was made.
  33. How have the injuries you sustained impacted your life?

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Quick Slip And Fall Facts:

Slip and falls are the second leading cause of injuries and deaths after car accidents. Every hour an older adult dies as a result of a fall. The most common injuries resulting from slip and falls include, herniated disc, head injury and/or a knee injury. Learn more from Alan Sackrin, an expert slip and fall lawyer.

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