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State Farm Adjusters in South Florida

State Farm Adjusters in South Florida

Below is a list of licensed State Farm Claims Adjusters in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. This is not a complete list of adjusters serving these communities but it should be helpful if you have a State Farm car accident claim.

NameBusiness CountyEmail AddressBusiness Phone
Jane 597-4143
Michele Moseley 781-0400
Breyana 685-8220
Sheila Gail 295-3957
Dawn Marie 597-4119
Lashawn 597-4122
Asher 597-4157
James Daniel 394-9548
Todd Woodrow 249-9788
Richard Jr. 817-2629
Sonia M. 882-5323
Adrienne Allyce 335-7260
Desyrette Arroyo 575-0571
Isabel 394-9957
Enoch Z 520-4674
Kelvin Bertram 394-9775
Aleida 394-9953
Heidi Lea 394-9555
Adriana 394-9500
Maria R 394-9656
Irene M 890-6395
Angela Maria 394-9960
Albert 394-9899
Josefa Caridad 882-5354
Konrad Lambert 394-9853
Marcelo Waldemar 394-9982
Chad 394-9643
Jeanne 882-5388
Michelle 394-9955
Yomayra 520-4756
Ariel 457-6572
Amarilys 394-9862
Fransisca 882-5321
Stephanie 741-9092
Lake Sean 415-7823
Marlen Dearce 394-9500
Boris 394-9660
Maria Caridad 627-9401
Grace Dawn Alicia 394-9946
Mario Vito GimmaPalm 662-1121
Quanda HammondPalm 604-0091
Marjorie LordPalm 699-6503
Reid Alexander MacleodPalm 260-2026
Scott James WalkerPalm 598-7520


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