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Loan Modification Frustration – Stop The Foreclosure Process

If you are behind on paying your mortgage, a mortgage modification may help you save your home from foreclosure. A loan modification allows you to reduce your mortgage payments to make them more affordable and within your budget. Some modifications are in the form of an interest rate reduction and/or the fixing of the interest rate for a certain period of time. Even though a mortgage modification is a better alternative to foreclosure, a long-term loan modification can be difficult to negotiate in some cases.

Loan Modification Frustration
Stop The Foreclosure Process

Loan Modification frustration issues include disappearing paperwork, being bounced around from one point of contact to another, and long lag times between paperwork submission and bank review. In addition, communication between the loss mitigation department and the foreclosure departments seems fragmented at best.  We understand these issues and can help with the process.  We urge most clients to allow us to help them with the submission or re-submission process because of recent changes to loan servicing guidelines that say the foreclosure process isn’t allowed to proceed to the next step if there is a pending loan modification request or other foreclosure alternative request.

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Larry Tolchinsky can negotiate with your lender to help you get the mortgage modification you need in order to stay in your home. He is an experienced real estate lawyer with over 20 years of experience in dealing with banks and other lending institutions. That experience provides him with valuable knowledge of how banks underwrite their loans which he can use to help his clients restructure their loans.

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In addition, Larry can help you avoid falling victim to mortgage modification scams. Some companies claim that after receiving an up-front fee, they will negotiate with your mortgage lender to allow you to stay in your home. Unfortunately, most of these companies offer little or no help and end up taking your money. By using Larry, you can feel safe and assured that you are being represented by a reputable attorney who will use his best efforts to assist you in pursuing a loan modification.

Larry represents homeowners in loan modifications for property located in Hallandale, Miramar, Hollywood, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Davie, North Miami Beach, Dania Beach and all other cities in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

If you don’t qualify or fail to meet the conditions of your mortgage modification, Larry can also help you with other options related to the loss of your property, including:

Get Help From An Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

Larry Tolchinsky represents individuals facing foreclosure throughout Broward County and all around Florida. Many foreclosure issues involve complexities that real estate lawyers are best equipped to handle. It is important to consult a qualified attorney before signing any important documents. Larry Tolchinsky is an experienced real estate attorney, who is here to answer your questions and evaluate your circumstances. When you work with him, you can be assured that your matter will be handled with expertise and professionalism giving you peace of mind.

If you would like more information about loan modifications or require the help of an experienced Real Estate Attorney, contact Larry today. You can contact him by phone at 954-458-8655 or by e-mail through this web site to schedule an appointment. He offers a free initial consultation.

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Larry Tolchinsky contributed to a recent USAToday article regarding deficiency judgments. Read the article here

Larry Tolchinsky contributed to a recent article regarding deficiency judgments.

Larry Tolchinsky contributed to a recent article regarding deficiency judgments. Read the article here


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