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Personal Injury Pleadings

Sample Personal Injury Lawsuit Documents

Car Accident and other Injury Cases

In order to recover fair compensation for our clients who have suffered a personal injury, we believe that the insurance companies need to know that the lawyer representing the injured party is someone who is willing to take a case through trial.  Below you will find actual lawsuit pleadings and documents filed by Alan Sackrin over his career as a Florida injury lawyer and trial specialist which will give you a sense of what 30 years of experience truly looks like.

Auto Accident

Work Injury

  • Work Injury – negligent asphalt work at job site causing plaintiff injury
  • Work Injury Lawsuit – Employee was injured at loading dock when forklift was abruptly moved


Bicycle Accident

Dog Bite Injury

Trolley Accident

Chair Accident

Airplane Accident

  • Lawsuit against airline – Flight attendant was negligent in the manner in which she moved or handled the luggage causing a piece of luggage to fall from the overhead compartment and strike plaintiff’s head and/or other part(s) of plaintiff’s body

Elevator Accident

Personal Injury – Miscellaneous Documents

Also see: Index of sample Slip and Fall pleadings

These are sample personal injury pleadings related to specific facts and circumstances and should not be used or relied upon in any personal injury matter. We recommend and urge you to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer for professional advice as each case is unique.

See: Sample Case Verdicts and Settlements

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