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Real Estate Closings

Florida Home Closing Lawyer since 1994

The purchase or sale of residential real estate, including single family homes, condominiums, co-ops and townhouses, or commercial real estate is an important transaction with many legal implications. Because of the increasing complexity of each type of real estate transaction, it is imperative that you have a skilled South Florida real estate lawyer working to protect your interests and preserve your investment. Whether it’s your first home purchase or an important business decision, you need an attorney who is dedicated to doing what’s in your best interest.

Most requested real estate closing information:

Experienced Florida Real Estate Attorney

Larry Tolchinsky is an experienced South Florida real estate lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of Florida real estate laws and who works diligently to provide quality legal representation for his clients. He works with local and international clients and he represents first time and repeat buyers and sellers. Larry counsels clients regarding all aspects of real estate transactions including the decision to buy or sell; negotiating the terms; the resolution of unexpected issues and conducts the actual closing.

Since 1994, Larry’s real estate closing experience includes, preparing and reviewing all required closing documents, initiating and performing title searches, resolving title issues, performing lien searches, and conducting and representing all of his clients at closing. Larry establishes a close working relationship with every client so that he is able to represent their interests effectively.


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The types of matters Larry handles include:

Sample Real Estate Closing Documents

For examples of closings documents that Larry Tolchinsky uses when closing a Florida real estate closing, please see:

  • Estoppel letter to an association regarding a Condominium Closing – This documents requests information on all assessments and other monies owed to an association by the current homeowner
  • A Tax Reproration Agreement – This Agreement is signed by the Seller and Buyer in which they agree to resolve matters among themselves in the event the actual tax bill varies from the amount used at closing.
  • Title Insurance doesn’t cover water bills – Sample agreement signed by both Buyers and the Sellers where they acknowledge that unpaid utility bills for both water and sewer service constitute an unrecorded lien and title insurance doesn’t cover and pay for such unrecorded liens.
  • Mortgage Payoff Authorization Form – Sample real estate mortgage payoff authorization form, which includes the borrower’s social security number and bank loan number.
  • Warranty Deed from Trust – A real estate instrument and type of deed required for the transfer of property between a Grantor, who is a Trustee, and Grantee, who is also a Trustee.  This Deed contains special provisions outlining the Trustee’s powers.

These are sample real estate closing documents related to specific facts and circumstances and should not be used or relied upon in any real estate transaction. We recommend and urge you to consult with an experienced lawyer for professional advice as each case is unique.

Handling real estate closings for residential and commercial property located in Hallandale, Hollywood, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Davie, North Miami Beach, Dania Beach and all other cities in Miami-Dade and Broward County and throughout Florida.

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